"The Joe Nuxhall scholarship helps me so I don't have to take out loans the first years, so it will be easier for me to go to law school."

Delaney is planning to study English and pre-law at Kenyon College.

DELANEY BARKER, 2016 scholarship winner from Monroe High School

“…. the Joe Nuxhall Scholarship is going to help me a lot more going to Cincinnati State."

Alyssa is planning to study travel and tourism at Cincinnati State in Middletown.

Alyssa Lawson, 2016 scholarship winner from Middletown High School

"I've been working with Kim and Bonnie for years. I'm here because of the legacy of Joe Nuxhall. This is my second year playing in the tourney. I haven't hit a ball since last year! I used to play all the time. Last year at the All-Star Game, they did the "franchise four" for the Reds and all the other teams, and Nux wasn't one of them. I'm sorry, you can't do that without Joe Nuxhall. Joe Nuxhall should be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame."

C.F. PAYNE, Illustrator and Director of the Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration for the Hartford Art School

"All the celebrities who come back year and year, and repeat players, are a credit to the memory of Joe. The whole thing is all about him, and the fact that Kim and Bonnie have worked their rear ends off to continue every aspect of his legacy. When they call, that is a 'Must Do' on my list. I've never ever dreamed of not wanting to come here. We had a wonderful 31-year relationship. And all the things he did for me, showing me how to be a big league baseball announcer. "

MARTY BRENNAMAN, Reds' Hall of Fame radio announcer and Joe Nuxhall's on-air partner 31 years